Retinal macroaneurysm

A retinal macroaneurysm is a small segment of an artery in the retina that is abnormally dilated and weak. This segment of the artery may leak fluid and cause retinal swelling. This segment may also cause bleeding in front of, within, or underneath the retina. The swelling and/or the bleeding may affect vision.

Depending on the configuration of the macroaneurysm, swelling, and/or bleeding, simple observation may be all that is necesary. The macroaneurysm may clot and settle down on its own. In other configurations, laser to the macronaneurysm may be recommended to help the bleeding and swelling in the retina settle down.

Chronic high blood pressure contributes to the development of a macroaneurysm. Blood thinners such as coumadin or plavix may predispose to bleeding from a macroaneurysm.

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