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Instructions for after the injection:

After an injection, use artificial tears such as Thera Tears frequently to soothe the eye.

Unless otherwise instructed by Dr. Dahr, please resume all medications and drops that you were taking prior to the injection.

Do not swim or use a hot tub or sauna for 1 week after an injection.

If the injected eye starts to ache like a toothache or the vision drops in the week after an injection, call Dr. Dahr's office immediately, even if it is the weekend.

What to expect after an injection:

Most patients experience only mild pain following an intravitreal injection. The eye may feel sandy and irritated the evening after the injection, but usually feels close to normal by the time you wake up the next morning.

It is common to have bubbles floating in your vision for two to three days following an injection.  If you have an injection of Kenalog (steroid), you will notice the medicine swirling around in your vision for a couple of days.

Eye bruise
Sometimes the injection can cause a bleed on the white of the eye making the white of the eye turn bright red.  This problem will not affect your sight and will clear in two to three weeks.