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Laser surgery

Laser is performed in the office. Laser usually takes 10-30 minutes. Generally there are no restrictions after laser. We do recommend a friend or relative drive you home.

Most patients do not need special eye numbing for laser surgery, and most patients do not need an eye patch . If you do need special eye numbing for laser surgery, we will place an eye patch after the surgery. That patch may be removed after six hours. When you remove the patch at home, expect the vision to be somewhat blurry in the operated eye.  You may also experience double vision for one or two days.

Unless otherwise instructed by Dr. Dahr, resume all medications and drops that you were taking prior to laser treatment.

What to expect after laser surgery:

Most patients have little if any pain following retinal laser surgery.  However, some patients may experience an ache inside the eye or around the eye if the treatment is extensive.  If you are having discomfort, then you might want to rest and take Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

Blurred vision
It is common to have blurred vision in the operated eye after retinal laser surgery.  Patients who receive laser treatment for diabetic macular edema may experience small spots in their vision due to the laser burns.  In many cases, these spots fade and become less annoying over a period of several weeks.  Sometimes, the laser treatment increases swelling of the macula which can result in blurred vision.  If this occurs, then the swelling may subside and the vision may improve over a period of 3-6 weeks.

Dilated pupil
It is common for the pupil to remain dilated for 1-3 days following laser treatment due to the dilating drops used prior to surgery.

If you are experiencing decreasing vision or increasing pain, then please call our office.